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If your company’s success relies on SEO, there’s probably a bunch of pressure on you to maintain a good website and keep traffic numbers high. But maintaining good SEO can be tough, especially if you don’t have the staff to do it. With 75% of users not even getting past the first page of search results, your company is doomed if it’s pretty far back in the search rankings. And it’s been proven that an online presence does help sales — almost 95% of online experiences start out with a search engine page. There are 100 billion plus searches done globally every MONTH! So with a limited staff and a tight budget, how are you going to keep your SEO going strong? Your answer is simple: finding a great SEO reseller.
Wait, I’ve Never Even Heard of SEO Before
SEO stands for search engine optimization and basically means where your website comes up in the list of results that a search engine provides a user. It’s crucial to have good SEO because that means your website is getting seen, which ups your chances of having consumers click on it, and either buy your products or avail themselves of the services you provide. If you have bad SEO, getting consumers to your site in the first place is going to be very difficult.
So You Want to Know How to Profit With an SEO Reseller
What Is An SEO Reseller?
First, you have to understand what an SEO reseller is, before you can figure out how to profit with an SEO reseller.
An SEO reseller is either an individual or a company that specialize in SEO. They also usually have a range of knowledge when it comes to various SEO strategies. They use these skills to bundle everything together in one package that they then sell to their clients. They may charge either a portion of the revenue that they make you or a flat free upfront.
How it Works
SEO resellers choose a plan from SEO providers. They then offer this plan to their clients at their price discretion. The plan can be flexible in price and services offered and clients can often tailor a plan to fit their needs. The SEO reseller doesn’t need to pay a great deal to the SEO providers, but can make a great profit by reselling. Small businesses can gain SEO services at cheaper costs through SEO resellers than they would be able to by hiring new staff to carry out SEO tasks.
How it Benefits You
Wondering how to profit with an SEO reseller personally? It’s simple — even though the SEO resellers can charge whatever price they set, it’s still sure to be lower than hiring full-time or part time staff and paying for benefits. You may also have to hire multiple new staff members to do different aspects of SEO work. With an SEO reseller, those all come in the same package.
If you think your SEO marketing strategy could use a boost, consider getting in touch with an SEO reseller today.

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