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The same company that used a doodle in 1998 depicting the cult favorite Burning Man in 1998, is also responsible for a lot of intricacies of any online marketing campaign. Googles cofounders used the doodle as a tongue in cheek, out of office message while they were away for the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert. Now their search engine is responsible for part of the 100 billion global searches online every month.

The search engine rankings drive so much traffic to businesses websites that companies have to take notice of their guidelines for search engine optimization and search marketing. Approximately 58 percent of consumers use a search engine to research a potential product or service prior to purchasing. This means that your online marketing focus should, at least partly, be on making your products and services easy to find on the web.

In comparison, online marketing may want to focus in a smaller part on company websites and social media sites since they get a smaller portion of the product and service research clicks. Fortunately online marketing efforts can be readily be tracked and tied to ROI.

In terms of tracking your online marketing dollars, there are many tools readily available to look at all aspects of your conversion and marketing efforts. In fact, Google provides a full suite of free tools that may help you fine tune your online marketing efforts. Some may say that is a bad thing to have to use Google tools, but their ability to provide holistic views may make it a fair trade off.

Finally, online marketing should support other methods of marketing. If users prefer to be contacted offline, you should look at ways to support that as well. Conversely, you can use your online marketing techniques to draw users from offline to online where you can continue communications and conversions.

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