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In the United States, Google claims more than 70% of the search engine market share. On top of that, 18% of organic clicks go to the site that has the number one ranking on the site. Because of that, businesses who are looking to expand should try to develop an internet search engine optimization campaign that is designed to increase search engine rankings. Doing so could go a long way towards increasing visibility and giving them the web presence they need to attract online consumers and take advantage of the massive and ever-expanding digital marketplace.

While some businesses are fortunate enough to have in house marketing professionals who can handle the rigors of SEO, others will need to find help when it comes to succeeding in that area. For many, that help can come in the form of a search engine optimization course. SEO specialists and marketing firms will not only offer the services that businesses need to improve their overall web presence, but also classes and search engine optimization courses that teach them how to do that themselves. In the long run, they could help businesses remain independent and avoid the need to continue partnering with marketing firms in the future.

Though using search engine optimization courses and building a powerful SEO campaign is always a good idea, it is hardly the only strategy that businesses should use to build the dynamic web presence they need to attract new customers and expand. In addition, they should spend some time working on building a great new website, and updating it regularly. Like SEO, they could use website reseller plans to get the high quality work they need, but being able to build and maintain a site without help can be beneficial. So finding some sort of training program is always a good idea.

On top of that, considering how popular social media has become – with more than 250 million new Tweets and 800 million Facebook statuses every day – coupling a social media campaign with SEO is a good idea. SEO does well to boost visibility but social media helps businesses enter into a discourse and interact with both current and potential customers, so the two work well together.

Lastly, owners and managers might also want to put some effort into an email marketing campaign. Though it is one of the best drivers of conversions, 70% of marketers spend three hours a week, or less, on email. This means that email provides great opportunities for businesses who are looking to stand out and set themselves apart in today’s competitive marketplace.

Because every company is unique, and will have different needs and goals, there might not be one strategy or combination of strategies that will work for all of them. This means that, before beginning an internet marketing campaign, businesses should take some time to do a bit of research and get familiar with all their options before investing lots of resources.

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