Website reseller plans can include things like pre built websites, shopping carts, and integrated site traffic reports. Some even include credit card processing services. There is just one question. What the heck are website reseller plans? What is website reselling for that matter? (Maybe there is more than just one question).

Website resellers sell web hosting. Usually, reselling applies to companies that own a dedicated server or have bought website reseller plans from another web hosting provider. More and more website creators and designers are also becoming resellers. There are many benefits to becoming a website reseller.

With website reseller programs, you control the hosting and know exactly what features can be implemented on their website. Reselling provides revenue, hosting resellers can charge a monthly fee as part of the website reseller packages. That way even after the web designing is done they can still collect money from clients. Reselling also helps to build loyalty. If clients are buying web hosting from you, they are more likely to contact you again when it is time to redesign their websites.

One of the easiest ways to become reseller is to buy a hosting reseller plan from another web host. Many of the web hosting providers will charge a small fee per month to resell hosting accounts. You can also get the services that your hosting provider offers and space for your own website.

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