Google did not get into Twitter until fairly late in the game. The presidential campaign of 2008 saw more Twitter than Google had up until that point. But when it first ever tweeted something, Google had the self confidence to say, “I’m feeling lucky.” And it sure did. Google rankings continue to define the best practices of search engine ranking, a formidable industry of the internet marketing sector.

Search engine rankings are some of the most important scores for every company to achieve and at more than 90 percent of adults in the United States search for at least one thing every day. Every month there are over 100 billion global searches that people tap into their laptops, or computers, or smartphones, or iPads, or Kindle Fires.

Of course, the nature of the search engine rankings industry might change to some extent in the years ahead. The reason is because people are making the transition from their laptops to their mobile devices. By 2014, it is expected that more people will be using mobile devices to search the internet than will be using desktop computers.

Of course, not all mobile devices will be able to engage the world on equal footing. Around half of all people look at mobile reviews to determine whether they should or should not buy a product. This means that search engine rankings are not the only thing that matters. Another things that matters are the reviews that appear online every day.

Search engine rankings are among the most important factors to keep in mind when designing a website, but people need to make sure that they can back their websites up with actions as well as words. Websites are what bring a customer to a business, but they are not the way that the business will maintain itself over the years.

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