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Google is the undisputed powerhouse in the search engine ranking business, with between 65 percent and 70 percent of the market share of all the top search engines today. More than 100 billion searches across the globe are made on search engine sites each month, and many of them are with this powerhouse site. So for companies that aim to improve their online marketing and sales efforts, starting with Google and working their way across into other search engines via SEO reporting tools is essential.

Google rankings have been popular even way before the company sent out its first ever doodle in 1998, when its co founders and owners were on their way to the Burning Man Festival in Nevada and used the doodle to let employees know about it. This act demonstrated how innovative the company was and still is. Whether companies wish to stick to Google or expand far out into other search engines as well, they are smart to use SEO reporting as ways to gather how Google and others do it and to follow suit.

Seo reporting fills a vital need for companies across all industries because it details what these sites are looking for as far as SEO and how they are determining which sites are ranked in which order. Without SEO reporting, companies risk never being located in prominent spots on these rankings. With them, however, they increase their chances tenfold of being on that vital first page of results, which most users today will stick to. In fact, an estimated 42 percent of them will always click on the first result that appears in their searches, further driving home the importance of using SEO reporting as an effective online tool.

Using SEO reporting in the mobile sense is creeping up in importance too, since not all websites are optimized to show up well on mobile devices. By next year, usage of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones for Internet purposes will surpass usage of desktops for the same efforts. Again, companies that ignore this and just hope that it goes away or that their websites will automatically look good on mobile devices are risking a lot. Those that utilize SEO reporting to stay ahead of the game, however, usually find themselves in better positions and with better functioning websites, both in desktop applications and in the mobile ones that users are increasingly turning to.

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