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The success of a business today greatly depends on the type of exposure it gets. There is no shortage of businesses in the market currently, and every day, more and more continue to be established. This can be a major advantage for consumers, who are now experiencing the luxury of having plenty of options to choose from for any product or service that they need. But those businesses that are struggling to stand out among the rest are at a major disadvantage in this case. With the prominence of the Internet in daily life, the best chance at making a splash in the sea of established businesses now is through effective online marketing strategies such as search engine optimization. To climb the search engine rankings and potentially see an increase in website traffic, businesses can seek the services of an Internet marketing company offering SEO programs.

Search engine optimization was developed as a response to the clear trends of search engine users. In the United States, 92 percent of adults perform at least one search per day. When the results are returned, 42 percent of users click on the top ranking organic result. Statistics such as these have led to a demand by businesses to have the highest rankings possible on search engines. SEO marketing programs can help businesses achieve this through the creation of custom content. With the strategic use of key words and phrases that are commonly used in searches, this content can ideally lead a business to ranking higher organically, generating more traffic and leads.

Between 65 and 70 percent of the search engine market share goes to Google. For this reason, Google rankings are often regarded as especially prestigious by businesses. In order to rank higher on Google and other search engines, businesses can receive assistance from an SEO program offered by an online marketing company.

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