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SEO, or search engine optimization is propelling many small businesses into the 21st century with better marketing practices. Leads generated by SEO strategy have a 14.6% close rate as opposed to the 1.7% close rate that is earned by traditional marketing strategies. When all is said and done, this statistic shows that SEO is 8 times more effective than traditional marketing.

How is such a disparity possible?

SEO is inbound marketing at its best. This means that people are coming to you, rather than you going to them. Search engines like Google with attributes like Google rankings are how SEO can get people to come to you. Google rankings matter, because 80% of those people claim they pay little to know attention to sponsored search results and often ignore them entirely. Instead of being bothered with the up top sales pitches, people are choosing organic results. By optimizing a business’s content to be found by search engines, SEO is able to move those businesses up google rankings, where potential consumers will see the links attributed to their websites.

These days, consumers are not just behind computers. They may be right outside your physical storefront. Over 70 million people were shopping from mobile devices such as a tablet or smart phone in 2012. This means that finding your website or a review of your product online can be the difference between consumers walking through your entryway, or back up and go gin elsewhere. With 42% of people clicking the top search result spot for answers, the higher you get up the rankings, the better you will do in both online and physical sales.

Knowing that your SEO strategy is effective is the key to any great SEO initiative. So how do you do that? The answer to that is relatively simple. You track your progress with SEO reporting. How you track your progress is the piece of the puzzle that separates good SEO efforts from great SEO marketing strategy. SEO reporting and the associated tools can be the game changer that a business needs to claim SEO success.

SEO reporting tools allow a business and its SEO team to track how the website is progressing. Trackable attributes include where on search engines your links are showing up, how often people click on those links, and how many people who clicked turned into paying customers. However, these three traits are only the beginning of what SEO specialists can do. If yo are looking to improve your search engine ranking, then look into seeking the help of SEO tools.

These tools can be helpful with website blogs as well. If your website has or will be starting a blog, then you are already one step ahead of your competition. Companies that maintain dedicated blogs show 434% more indexed pages than those that do not. Just like the general website, SEO reporting can track the progress and effectiveness of your blog.

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