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SEO news can vary based on who you ask. The truth is that search engine optimization has a longer history than most know, which most professional link all the way back to the beginning of Google. For this reason asking about SEO news was for quite sometime a synonym for, “what’s new with Google.”

Testament to this fact is that many SEO marketing professionals know that the first Google doodle was drawn out to show that the Google co-foudners were attending Burning Man in Nevada. Still other SEO professionals will be well versed in the fact that the first Google hard drives were not stored in a vault, or even a locked desk drawer, but rather were housed in an integument of Lego bricks.

So why is SEO news linked so closely to Google?

The answer to that question lies with yet another fact of Google. Each month, there are approximately 100 billion quarries entered into search engines. Approximately 65% of those searches go through the Google search engine. This fact has google placed head shoulders and nearly toes above the competition. As such Google is the number one platform used by SEO marketers and is the search engine that SEO reporting tools are designed to work for.

Beyond Google, what is the good word with SEO news these days?

Organic click through rates, developed by search engine optimization, are 25% higher than those that are paid for with pay per click advertising. Still SEO is, in fact, moving beyond Google.

SEO marketing professionals are now looking into developing social media strategies and tapping into more local markets for businesses. Many SEO pros have bend convinced that numbers are great, but proximity is even greater. To reach potential consumers when and where they need answers most SEO content is being made viable on mobile platforms. This is just in time. By the end of 2014, mobile internet users will be out numbering desktop internet surfers. Furthermore, 48% of all mobile internet users actively seek out promotions using their mobile devices.

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