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As the Internet explodes and goes mobile, it is more important that a business maintain and expand its web presence. Each month, there are over 100 billion search engine searches around the globe. Of those, Google captures an estimated 65 to 70 percent of Internet searches. To compete, the intrepid marketer needs search engine optimization tools, or SEO tools.

What Seo tools does a marketer need? Before one considers what SEO tools he needs, one must consider what SEO tools are used for. Overall, SEO tools must have the purpose of increasing organic ranking. 88 percent of Internet users over fourteen will browse the Internet for a product, and will turn to search. They are more likely to look at organic links than paid links. In fact, organic links have a quarter higher conversion rate than those who click through paid links. Additionally, sixty five percent of mobile Internet users use a device to make a purchase or find a business.

With this in mind, one can now start exploiting SEO tools. One such tool comes in the form of Seo blogs. These blogs make great tools because they allow one to read the latest in improving SEO offerings. Blog comment sections also allow users to interact with each other and share ideas on increasing organic rankings.

Other critical SEO tools include web graders. Web graders tell a business how a website is doing with its SEO strategy. a good web grader measures such things as keywords people found you with, number of inbound links and cocitations, and interactions with social media. After all, once someone has found the website, forty percent of people will request more information via social media.

SEO tools are great for those who are wielding them. The trick is to wield them responsibly, and in a manner that lets a business see results. Bearing this in mind, SEO tools can let businesses improve website visibility, and hopefully increase sales as well.

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