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Here’s an image for you: when Google was in its infancy, its founders used LEGO blocks to build storage compartments for the 4 GB hard drives they used to test their new PageRank search algorithm. Their system has come a long way since those colorful toy blocks, and now we all know Google as the leader in search engines. In fact Google receives between 65 and 70 percent of the total market share for online search.

This makes for Google an important tool for companies who use Seo and other internet marketing techniques to improve their search engine rankings, which of course in turn leads to increased business. Companies hope that this search engine optimization will make their business appear near the top of Google’s search engine rankings. This is a good goal, since research shows that just under half of internet users tend to click on the top ranked organic result for any search.

More than half of B2B marketers say SEO marketing has the largest influence on their ability to generate leads. As you probably know already, these SEO tools use keywords and common search terms to position a business’ content as high in the search engine rankings as reasonably possible. Keeping track of SEO news can be important, as it’s always crucial to choose the most effective search terms and to distribute the SEO content online in the right locations.

Do you own or work for a business that could use search engine rankings to generate more or better leads? The nature and methods of SEO may be changing, but its influence on the world of online business will only build over time, just like those early Google technicians built the platform for their now ubiquitous search engine.

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